[XForms] New pre-release: xforms-1.0.02pre2

Jens Thoms Toerring jt at toerring.de
Sun May 10 16:01:34 CEST 2009

To subscribers of the xforms list

Hi everybody,

   I guess it's time for a new pre-release. You can download it


Also the documentation was updated and you can get it in PDF or
HTML format:


Please note that it might take some time until the new versions
have made it to the mirror servers...

Main changes are:

a) Rob Carpenter noted that fdesign didn't automatically produces
   code to include <glcnavas.h> when needed. Changed that so this
   header gets included when necessary.

b) Selection of composite objects in fdesign had stopped working.

c) Browsers created with fdesign could only be initialized in
   fdesign with 128 lines. Removed that arbitary limit.

d) Signal handling: a caught signal could lead to an infinite
   loop if in the handler function for the signal XForms functions
   got called.

e) FL_RETURN_BUTON objects didn't work if there was only a single
   input object in the same form.

f) The functions fl_show_form(), fl_prepare_form_window() and
   fl_show_form_window() now return have return type 'Window'
   as the documentation already claimed. fl_prepare_form_window()
   now returns 'None' on failure instead of -1 as it probably
   was intended from the beginning.

g) Documentation: new figures added, corrections and more internal
   links to make it easier to navigate.

Please note: due to some necessary changes the new version isn't
a drop-in replacement for 1.0.91 since a few changes had to be
made to some essential types, so please recompile your applications
before using it.
                                 Best regards, Jens
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