[XForms] New XForms pre-relase 1.0.92pre1

Jens Thoms Toerring jt at toerring.de
Sat Jan 17 22:42:52 CET 2009

To subscribers of the xforms list

Hi everybody,

I just uploaded a new pre-release of XForms:


as well as the newest version of the documentation


Alas, most igures are still missing from the documenatation...

It may still take a bit of time until this links are working, there
seems to be some delay until the mirror servers get updated. If you
have to download stuff *now* try


to avoid being redirected to a mirror server

Please note that I also  cleaned up the download directory a bit,
removing e.g. the pre-releases for 1.0.91.

Here's the list of the main changes:

a) As I already wrote I rewrote the whole popup stuff since the old
   code had more or less become unmaintainable. I now also added two
   new object classes, select and nmenu, that are supposed to replace
   the choice and menu class which were based on the old popup code.
   I also added two new demo programs for these classes, select.c
   and nmenu.c to demonstrate the new classes and changed a few other
   demo programs to use the new classes instead of the old ones.

   Of course, the old xpopup, choice and menu classes still work as

   I haven't tried to add handling of the new select and nmenu classes
   to fdesign. I guess I better wait until I get a bit of feedback
   about them...

b) Documentation was updated to describe the new classes (the stuff
   about the old xpopup, menu and choice class are moved to a new
   chapter about "deprecated" object classes.

c) Luis Balona told me that there are some problems with the itest
   demo program when using it under newer versions of Ubuntu with Gnome
   or KDE - the images are displayed as half-transparent. As far as I
   could figure out it's related to the COMPOSITE extension and I tried
   to hack around that. The images I tried it with now look normal again
   but I am not convinced that the problem is completely solved yet...

d) Both Rob Carpenter and Werner Heisch told me that there's an error
   window popping up when fdesign is started. That doesn't keep fdesign
   from working but is annoying and hopefully repaired.

e) Werner Heisch also found that there was a bug in fdesign that resul-
   ted in the label alignment getting set incorrectly (always ended up
   as FL_ALIGN_CENTER). This hopefully is removed now.

f) Rob Carpenter noticed that it sometimes can be difficult to use a
   counter to just change it by a single step. Thus, according to his
   suggstions, the first step now takes longer and the time between
   following steps gets smaller and smaller until a final minimum
   timeout is reached (initial timeout is 600 ms and final is 50 ms per
   default). The fl_get_counter_repeat() and fl_set_counter_repeat()
   are now for the initial timeout and the final timeout can be con-
   trolled via the new functions fl_set_counter_min_repeat() and
   fl_get_counter_min_repeat(). To switch back to the old behaviour
   use the functions fl_set_counter_speedup()/fl_get_counter_speedup()
   and set the initial and final rate to the same value. If speed-up
   is switched off but initial and final timeouts differ the initial
   timeout is used for the first step and the final timeout for all
   following steps.
                                  Best regards, Jens
  \   Jens Thoms Toerring  ________      jt at toerring.de
   \_______________________________      http://toerring.de
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