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36. Trouble Shooting

This chapter deals with a number of (common) problems encountered by people using the Forms Library. Ways of avoiding them are presented.

fl show form() only draws the form partially

This only happens if immediately following fl_show_form() the application program blocks the execution (e.g., waiting for a socket connection, starting a new process via fork() etc.). To fix this problem, you can flush the X buffer manually using fl_update_display(1) before blocking occurs or use an idle callback to check the status of the blocking device or let the main loop handle it for you via fl_add_io_callback().

I updated the value of a slider/counter/label, but it does not change

This only happens if the update is followed by a blockage of execution or a long task without involving the main loop of Forms Library. You can force a screen update using fl_update_display(1).

I found a bug in XForms, What do I do?

Please consider subscribing to the XForms mailing list at


and sending an email with information about the bug you found. Please try to post information about the version of the Forms Library you're using and your OS beside a description of the bug. Some sample code that exhibits the erratic behavior would help greatly.

If, for some reasons, you don't want subscribe to the mailing list you may also send an email to one of the maintainers. At the moment you probably should first contact Jens Thoms Toerring, <jt@toerring.de>.

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