Getting Started on an Image Window.

Ken Aaker (
Wed, 04 Dec 1996 21:07:29 -0600

To subscribers of the xforms list from Ken Aaker <> :

I've been working on a scanner application to work with an EPSON flatbed
scanner. I've got all the framework stuff working but I haven't been
able to work out the display windows/objects that I'm going to put the
scanner data into. I think the framework should be adaptable to almost
any other scanner, at the expense of creating a device driver for the
scanner and one interface object.

A pixmap object seems like it would be the easiest if I scanned the
whole image in, put it in a pixmap and then created a pixmap object.
But, what I'd prefer to do is load the image window with the scanned
data as I bring it in from the scanner. It looks like I might be able to
do that with Free Object or by creating a whole new object. I also want
to be able to easily doing image processing on the image and have those
changes show up as processing is proceeding. I guess another possiblity
would be to use XIE, but I haven't looked into that a lot, yet.

I'd appreciate any suggestions/opinions.

When/if I get done I'm going to contribute the whole thing under a GPL.


Ken Aaker
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