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Fri, 14 Feb 1997 12:15:11 -0500

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Please disregard my first question...I found my STUPID mistake already, but
my 2nd question is still vaild.

>Question 1) My forms will not hide. I use fl_hide_form with the pointer
>generated from create_the _form. i.e.
> fd_the _form_name = create_form_the_form_name();
> fl_show_form(fd_the_form_name->the_form_name,......);
> . . .
> fl_hide_form(fd_the_form_name->the_form_name);
>But the form does not go away, and to make matters worst, if you try to
>click on the form you just tried to hide, it causes the program to quit.
>The only thing that comes up is a message in the window that I ran the
>program from that says: "In fl_hide_form [forms.c 801] Hiding
>invisible/freeed form"
>Any ideas????
>Question 2) How do you change the font and font size for the fl_show_input
>form? I have tried to use the fl_set_goodies_font command, but all it does
>is change the font and size for the button text, not the message text that
>I supply to fl_show_input. Any ideas???
>Thanks for the help

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