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Dr. T.C. Zhao wrote:
> To subscribers of the xforms list from "Dr. T.C. Zhao" <> :
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> >However, if I move the pointer ouside of the FL_INOUT_BUTTON
> >button while keeping the mouse button down, and then release
> >the mouse button, my call-back only gets called one (when
> >my FL_INOUT_BUTTON got depressed) but not when it got
> >released.
> This is the designed (and in most cases desired) behavior.
> It is also consistent with other buttons. For example,
> for normal buttons, if you press the button, move the mouse
> outside of it and release the mouse, the button callback
> is not called. It is assumed that if the user wants the
> callback called, he would not move the mouse outside of
> the button.

However, in the case of FL_INOUT_BUTTON, I was expecting that
a "IN" is always followed by an OUT, and this is what the
manual suggests, too.

How can you logically get IN something twice in a row, without
first getting OUT of it ?

When an FL_INOUT_BUTTON push button gets released, I am expecting
to get a callbak with value 0 (i.e. button is "up"). When I press
the button, then move the pointer out of the button, I see the
button getting released (i.e. going "up") without me getting a
callback. I don't think that this should happen with this type
of button.

I will give you the simple example where I use this type
of button: It is to implement the fast-forward (FFW) function on
a VCR-like interface. You press the FFW button, and the
thing goes fast-forward as long as you keep pushing the
button. You remove your finger, and the VCR goes
back to normal play.

So, I use a FL_INOUT_BUTTON and goes in FFW mode when I
get the callback with value 1 (button depressed) and go
back to normal mode when I get the callback with value 0
(button released). It works well... in most cases!

The problem if that because of what you call the "desired
behavior", which I think is a bug, it is possible for the user
to release the FFW button without Xforms notifying me:

The user presses the FFW button, moves the pointer out of
the FFW button (keeping the mouse button down) and then
releases the mouse button...

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