Re: Browser Problem

Dr. T.C. Zhao (
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 00:24:20 -0600

To subscribers of the xforms list from "Dr. T.C. Zhao" <> :

From: Jeff Drost <>
>A browser with a white background
>now makes the area directly above the "handle" white.
This is one of those things I can easily fix, but
I am not sure if I should. It makes some sense
for the slider background to be the same as the background
of the browser. It can also be argued that the slider on the
browser is a seperate object and should have its
own background.

>Also, when the bar
>is moved, you can see a rectangular black spot, where the handle used to
>be. This goes away when the mouse is released.

This is actually a feature, and from what I hear, there
are quite a few people that like it.

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