confilict with other applications (WTK)

Seungwon Won (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 22:32:51 -0400

To subscribers of the xforms list from Seungwon Won <> :

Dear folks,

I am trying to combine XForms and WorldToolKit(WTK) application, which
is a virtual reality software from Sense8 corp. I have two problems
until now.

1. After running WTK from XForms panel, I cannot input any command to
XForms. Every button and control panel freezes. I know there are some
instruction in XForms manual page 37 - 38, but it is too brief to

2. After I combine some OpenGL functions with XForms, WTK does not work
at all. The error message seems to be some confliction between OpenGL
routines and WTK. How can I remove those routines completely, before I
run another application ?

I guess these problems are closely related to the WTK itself rather
But I need your help.
Thank you for your help in advance!!

Sincerely yours

The Ohio State University
Won, Seungwon

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