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Wed, 23 Apr 1997 14:58:40 +0200

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see the attached little GIF image. It shows a small part of a big
form. The field "Nummer" is highlighted. Regardless where the mouse
pointer is, I can enter any text into the field.

But: special keys (e.g. function keys) are not accessible. The
mouse pointer has to be within the bounding box to handle them.
Why is it? I tried to get those special keys with pre- and post-
handlers (with 'obj->wantkey' set to FL_KEY_ALL) but nothing
seems to work.

I always have to move the mouse pointer to the right bounding box
to get those keys reported. With the mouse outside the bb, I only
get ASCII's.

What I want is a number of function keys available throughout the
whole form. The number of active function keys may vary for each
field, the corresponding functions, too.

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance,


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