HPUX xform

Nimesh Shah (nimesh@nortel.ca)
08 May 1997 15:28 EDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from "Nimesh Shah" <nimesh@nortel.ca> :

Now I have a different problem.

Platform HPUX 9.05

I try using c89 it creates object files but gives me following messages.
What I am still missing ?? can somebody help me??

/bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
fl_end_form (code)
fl_show_form (code)
fl_add_box (code)
fl_do_forms (code)
fl_initialize (code)
fl_add_button (code)
fl_hide_form (code)
fl_bgn_form (code)

I did grep on this and looks like that they are part of forms library??
What can I do to resolve this porblem.

Note: it creates app with rw permission if I make that an exe file it seems to
work ok but I want to know I can I get ride of above messages. Basically it does
not link.

I am new to xforms sorry.

Thank you.


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