Re: XForms: Why so much memory needed ?

Steve Lamont (
Sun, 18 May 97 07:30:18 PDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> That's not a machine that is a physical NCD terminal running X
> applications through a network.

Ugh. Those things. I have bad memories in my mind and scars on my
body from having to deal with xterms. Fortunately, it's been close to
10 years since I've had to do so.

> This one use only one bitmap, a browser a few buttons and call
> goodieand button cn callbacks. Memory is a known problems of those
> terminals but mosaic can run on it.

> So why not me ?

Good question.

What else was running at the time? Do other applications fail in this
same manner? Is the application in question running in double buffer
mode, perhance?

I think it would be helpful to see the *exact* error message produced
if there is one.

Is it something coming from Xlib? From XForms? From the X server
itself? (One small digression here: note that in the context of X and
XForms, the machine doing the displaying is the server, not the
machine on which the application is running -- it is the client. You
may already know this but I think it's worthwhile to point out evey
once and a while just so we have our terminology straight.)

As an experiment, you might want to try running your application one
the terminal *before* much of anything else has run, just to see if it
isn't some sort of memory fragmentation problem. Also, just try
running your application and nothing else but maybe an xterm window to
log into the compute server (X client).

- - -

By the way, please, oh, please, oh, please hit the "Return" key at the
end of each line. Your editor or mail program may be inserting "soft"
returns of some sort at the end of each line but they are not sent.
Therefore each paragraph is one long line which is line wrapped, often
in the middle of a word, making your message hard to read.

- - -

While I'm in a griping mood (okay, so when am I not, you ask), users
of MIMEish mailers should remember that not everyone in the universe
uses MIME (or wants to). Binary attachments are unreadable without a
lot of extra effort and all those silly =20s and other encoded special
characters are a nuisance.

Yes, I know I should come into the latter half of the 20th century and
use a "kewl" (or however we're spelling it this week) mailer but to be
honest I've never found one that either doesn't take days to start up
or simply get in my way. Some days I think I should go the way of
Donald Knuth and stop reading email entirely... grumble grumble. I'll
go make some coffee now. [Please, flames or recommendations of your
favorite mail reader via private email. No need to annoy the rest of
the subscribers any more than they are already.]


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