Re: XForms: Why so much memory needed ?

francois bourcier (
Sun, 18 May 1997 15:24:40 GMT

To subscribers of the xforms list from francois bourcier <> :

Well, your machine *is* pretty small (4 MB right? I can't believe I'm
saying that 4 meg is *small*

That's not a machine that is a physical NCD terminal running X applications through a network.
The servers have enough memory (>128 Mb) but those terminals (they store X informations) run out of memory with a 2 windows application (a fileselector with more functions) that run without problems on my Linux/Pentium and on thinals of the network.
This one use only one bitmap, a browser a few buttons and call goodieand button cn callbacks. Memory is a known problems of those terminals but mosaic can run on it.
So why not me ?

I expect that now the question is more clear ..
Thanks for responding .. Fanci..
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