Re: XForms: File selector font?

Steve Lamont (
Mon, 19 May 97 07:13:55 PDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> While we're on the subject of the file selector...
> Has anybody been able to successfully change the file selector font?
> I had hoped that fl_set_goodies_font() would do the trick but it does
> not (at least on v0.86 running on Linux Elf).

The innards of the File Selector goodie are almost all available and
configurable. Here're a couple of little routines I use to set things
up the way I like them:

static void setup_goodies( void )


FD_FSELECTOR *selector;

* Random 'goodies' setups.

fl_set_goodies_font( FL_BOLDITALIC_STYLE, FL_LARGE_SIZE );

selector = fl_get_fselector_fdstruct();
fl_set_browser_fontsize( selector->browser, FL_MEDIUM_SIZE );
fl_set_browser_fontstyle( selector->browser, FL_FIXEDBOLD_STYLE );

setup_selector_object( selector->input );
setup_selector_object( selector->prompt );
setup_selector_object( selector->resbutt );
setup_selector_object( selector->patbutt );
setup_selector_object( selector->patlabel );
setup_selector_object( selector->dirbutt );
setup_selector_object( selector->dirlabel );
setup_selector_object( selector->cancel );
setup_selector_object( selector->ready );


static void setup_selector_object( FL_OBJECT *obj )


fl_set_object_lsize( obj, FL_MEDIUM_SIZE );
fl_set_object_lstyle( obj, FL_BOLD_STYLE );


Refer to the manual for discussion of fl_get_fselector_fdstruct().

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