Re: XForms: problem w/fl_set_input in v0.86

Steve Lamont (
Thu, 29 May 97 08:15:11 PDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> i've got a real problem with an app that uses fl_set_input: 2 of the
> fields in a form just don't show up, but all the rest are ok...and
> this problem just cropped up when i rebuilt using v0.86:-(

The most likely reason for this behavior is that the dimensions of the
input field are too small to contain the text (including ascenders and
descenders). Try enlarging the object and see what happens. XForms
is quite twitchy about this.

You can also call fl_adjust_form_size() to compensate for
strangenesses in the dimensions of fonts between machines. See the
manual for details.

There was some other traffic on this list about this subject a couple
of weeks ago -- you might check the archives (see the bottom of this
message for URL).


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