XForms: fl_remove_idle_callback ?

Dick Middleton (dick@sqf.hp.com)
Fri, 30 May 1997 13:09:58 +0100

To subscribers of the xforms list from Dick Middleton <dick@sqf.hp.com> :

> To subscribers of the xforms list from Claes Andersson <claesand@fy.chalmers.se> :
> I'm a little bit disturbed by a "feature" of fdesign. It gladly overwrites
> anything that happens to have any of the names *c, *h etc. as the *fd file you
> ask it to save. Don't you think that an "xxxx exists. Overwrite?" would be a
> good idea? In combination with a "Save as" option. I just lost a few days worth
> of code because I accidently named a fdesign form the same as a source.

This sort of thing is always annoying but I think it's a mistake to blame
fdesign. Having to answer a confirm prompt everytime you save a design is
also annoying and can get to be such a habit that when it really matters you
do it wrong anyway.

My suggestion is to use a naming convention which helps protect you from this
sort of mistake. For example I prefix all my form files with D_ (for dialog)
and files containing the supporting code I_ (for interface). All other code
can then be safely named as you please. I'm sure there are many other

Another piece of advice learned from bitter experience is to backup your
files everyday. This mearly entails copying your "project" directory to a
backup directory before you start work in the morning. This way you will only
loose today's work if you make a blunder like you describe.



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