Re: XForms: fl_remove_idle_callback ?

Frank Stefani (
Mon, 02 Jun 1997 10:12:49 +0200

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Jimmie Mayfield wrote:

> I agree wholehartedly with the backup concept. The way I implement it
> is through a rudimentary sort of version control: I begin a project in
> a v0.1 directory. After each significant change change to my code
> (whether it's a fdesign change or otherwise), I increment the
> version number, create a new directory and copy my files over. The
> new directory becomes my work directory and the old directory is
> tarred and gzipped. This way I have a complete history of my code
> development in the event I want to see when a particular problem appeared
> and I don't have to go through the trouble of setting up a sccs system.


To manage all the directories 'by hand' is IMHO a big overhead. I'd
have about 25 directories *per form* now! The data is very redundant.
I suggest you should try RCS for version control. It's much easier
then SCCS and - in addition - GNU make can automatically handle
those versions.

You just type

"ci file.c file.h file.fd ..."

to check in the named files in an archive. To check them out, you
similarly type

"co -l file.c file.h file.fd ..."

An optional parameter is provided to specify a version of a file.
That's all I do with version control. It's fairly simple and easy
to use.


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