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Richard Kent (
Fri, 6 Jun 1997 09:41:44 +0100

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> keith tang wrote:
> > I find my applications will not receive keyboard input if the mouse
> > pointer is outside of the form boundries even though the form remains
> > selected. Is there an fl_ call to change this characteristic so the key
> > will still remain active with the mouse pointer positioned outside of
> > the form?


There is a response in the XForms archives which goes something like this !!

Hope this helps,



> My problem is, when the xform GUI is mapped and focused, and the
> user clicks outside the xform GIU, the other X app get focused,
> brought to the top, and the xform GUI is hidden behind the
> fullscreen X app.

You want to do a pointer grab. That will keep you events from
"leaking" to other applications or windows.

Here's a little bit of code that pops a window, grabs the pointer and
then releases it as soon a button is pressed.


XGrabPointer( fl_get_display(),
CurrentTime );


XUngrabPointer( fl_get_display(),
CurrentTime );

See the man pages for XGrabPointer() and XUngrabPointer() for more

Grabbing the pointer is considered somewhat "anti-social" X behavior
and should only be done in extraordinary circumstances.

Be advised: if your program should hang or otherwise fail to ungrab
the pointer, you will not be able to do anything on your display until
you kill the application from another terminal.

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