Re: XForms: Focus on a choice list?

Frank Stefani (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 08:01:16 +0200

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Steve Lamont wrote:

> Frank Stefani wrote:

> > how can I determine, if the mouse currently clicked on the
> > pulldown botton of a choice list and the list is now opened?

> I'm not certain I parsed your question correctly but I think the
> answer is you can't because the interaction within a Choice object is
> handled within XForms and you don't get notified of it until the
> choice is actually made.
> You might be able to get some sort of pre-notification with a
> pre-handler but I haven't ever tried (or wanted to try) to do such a
> thing so I'm not sure at what point the pre-handler is called. I
> suspect it will take a little experimentation.
> Why do you want to do this?

Among other objects I have 4 choice objects on a form. Now, when
one choice receives a click I want to offer an additional tool
to be started with parameters specific to the opened choice list.
I want to avoid an additional menu (called e.g. by a hotkey) where
one has to click on the corresponding item to get this tool working.
The tool should be invoked with parameters specific to the choice
it was called from. The invokation from within the opened list can
certainly be done by hotkey.

Any ideas somebody?


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