XForms: fdesign problem (undef'ed symbol)

Matthias Luebberstedt (luebbi@ppi.de)
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 10:46:59 +0200

To subscribers of the xforms list from Matthias Luebberstedt <luebbi@ppi.de> :


recently I tried to switch from XForms v0.81 to v0.86. When I started
fdesign, it complained about an unresolved symbol 'snprintf' and

I ran 'ldd -r' on fdesign and it reports only references into the Xlib.
>From what I have seen, I would expect to see the function 'snprintf' in
the libc. But fdesign doesn't seem to contain references into libc at
The Xlib contains references to the symbol 'snprintf', but does not

Could this be a problem with my particular setup ? It is:
Linux 2.0.30 (elf, PC platform)
libc 5.4.<20-something>
XFree 3.1.2
xforms v0.81 (works fine) and v0.86 (at least fdesign doesn't)

What do I have to do to keep fdesign from complaining?

BTW, I use XForms in writing an application that handles MIDI Sample
transfers to and from MIDI samplers. Quite basic functionality at the
moment: import and export of raw MIDI SDS data as well as WAV files, the
ability to set loop and sample rate and a playback facility (incl.


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