XForms: BUG in fl_xyplot_s2w when double buffering

Ivan Powis (pczip@chemistry.nottingham.ac.uk)
Wed, 02 Jul 1997 17:49:31 BST

To subscribers of the xforms list from Ivan Powis <pczip@chemistry.nottingham.ac.uk> :

I believe I have discovered a bug in the mapping returned by
fl_xyplot_s2w when the xyplot concerned is double buffered.

The easiest way to demonstrate this is to add eg

fl_set_object_dblbuffer(xyplot[3], TRUE);

into main() for DEMOS/xyplotall.c, and then look at the oneline
readout which is posted when depressing a mouse button in the
appropriate xyplot. The returned world values appear to have acquired
an offset compared to the visual location of the mouse cursor.

In my own application this problem appears using fl_set_object_dblbuffer
but not fl_set_form_dblbuffer to double buffer the whole form.

I am using FORMS Library Beta 0.86.1 on HP-UX A.09.03 A


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