Re: XForms: Impossible to know a form resized ?

Steve Lamont (
Thu, 10 Jul 97 13:10:41 PDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> Is there any simple way to know a form has been resized
> automatically (like to dectect a event) and then I
> can resize the image to fit the new size of the form ? After I read the
> manual, it seems there is no way to know a form is resized.

Register a raw callback with FL_ALL_EVENT, look for a ConfigureNotify,
and do your thing.

If you're displaying an image, you are probably going to want to use a
Canvas object. If you do, you can register a ConfigureNotify event
handler with fl_add_canvas_handler(). The handler can be used to
resize your image or whatever you wish.

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