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On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Joel Weiner wrote:

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> >> The problem is that the menus "walk" down and to the right on the screen by
> >> a value which seems to be the number of pixels of the top border and left
> >> border.
> >> [...]
> >> Any ideas as to why the form displaces??
> >
> >The displacement is most likely due to the border or other decoration
> >that the window mangler places around the window when it's reparented.
> >This varies depending upon window manager.
> Steve,
> You're right, that is the problem.
> I guess I really didn't phrase my question very well... What I need to know
> is: How can I specify the window (form) origins so that they will appear where I want them?

fl_set_form_geometry () will let you specify where to place your form, but
you must do this everytime you display the form (I think):

fl_set_form_geometry (Myform->Myform, xofs, yofs, Myform->Myform->w,

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