XForms: How does one make a form the current form?

keith tang (tang@pcpros.net)
Sun, 20 Jul 1997 21:11:10 -0500

To subscribers of the xforms list from keith tang <tang@pcpros.net> :

I am working an application where multiple forms are
displayed and are, on occasion, modified by deleting
and adding various objects. Beings objects are created
on the current form, and the form to be modified is not
always the current form, I have been trying to make an
existing form current.

I thought this statement would do it:

fl_winset(modform->window); /* modform is a FL_FORM */

It seems to have no effect on anything.

I'm using Xform version .86 and Linux 2.0 on a pentium.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Thank you,

Keith Tang - Instr Spvs
Marathon Electric Mfc Co
Wausau, WI 54402-8003
(715) 675-3311 ext. 4292
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