Re: XForms: How does one make a form the current form?

Steve Lamont (
Sun, 20 Jul 97 20:01:29 PDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> I am working an application where multiple forms are
> displayed and are, on occasion, modified by deleting
> and adding various objects. Beings objects are created
> on the current form, and the form to be modified is not
> always the current form, I have been trying to make an
> existing form current.

An object may be deleted without any notion of the "current form."
The function fl_delete_object() deletes the object from the form and
fl_free_object() frees any memory associated with the object. If you
are creating objects with fdesign the user interface structure may be
accessed by following the pointers backwards:

FD_your_form_fdui *your_form_fdui =
( FD_your_form_fdui *) obj->form->fdui;

Adding objects can be done by reopening the form with fl_addto_form().
Of course, you have to provide your own mechanism for keeping track of
new objects added to the form. Close it with fl_end_form().

If the objects are not added or deleted _ad_hoc_ you may wish, however
to consider using fl_hide_object() and fl_show_object(). You can put
collections of objects in a group and hide and show large numbers of
objects in one swell foop.

Refer to the manual for details on using these functions. There may
also be a some examples of interest in the DEMOS directory.

Hope this helps.

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