XForms: array of objects

Brigitte Meillon (brigitte@isnhp1.in2p3.fr)
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 09:12:29 +0200

To subscribers of the xforms list from Brigitte Meillon <brigitte@isnhp1.in2p3.fr> :


XForms is very nice and very convenient to write graphical user
interfaces, but for me, something is missing :

I have to draw a panel to perform electronic settings of ....160
channels. I want to use 160 counters, always visible all together on the

Of course,I need to manipulate these 160 counters using an array of
counters, but fdesign doesn't allow me to define an array of n same
So my solution was to write my own program with arrays of counters "by
hand" without fdesign, but it's not very convenient and any modification
in this panel must be done by program.

Does a better solution exist to use fdesign and such arrays of
objects ?

Thank you,

Brigitte Meillon
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