Re: XForms: Enhancement suggestions

Steve Lamont (
Fri, 1 Aug 97 06:27:11 PDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> fdesign is a bit of a nuisance in the way it requires app specific run-string
> arguments with no alternative way to set them through the GUI. ...

I find typing

fdesign foo

-- or in my case

fdesign -nocode foo

to be no big strain on my typing fingers and less of a hassle than
trying to remember which mouse button the darn thing hides under.

I suppose you could write a wrapper that spawns fdesign with the
proper command lines. Somehow you're going to have to tell fdesign
what .fd file to process -- what matter does it make whether you type
the file name in a dialog box or on a command line?

I'd rather see the startup resources implemented (so I can make all my
default backgrounds Dodger Blue).

> ... This
> precludes starting it from a window manager menu for example and means it has
> to be stopped and restarted if one changes from one app to another.

Maybe I'm different (yeah, I know) but fdesign isn't something that I
start up when I log on in the morning and use the entire day -- I
spend a fair amount of time in it when I begin the original design of
my application and then only fire it up once and a while to make
little tweaks. It's rare that I hop from working on one XForms
application to another such that I would be hampered by having to
start up a new fdesign session.

> I assume that fdesign is in its infancy and currently provides only the most
> useful and productive features whilst the more important xforms library is
> being developed. These gripes and niggles one can live with meanwhile.

I think it's perfect. Don't change a thing, TC. :-) :-) :-) (closed
captioned smileys provided for the Tongue in Cheek Impaired)

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