Re: XForms: removing fselector via timer_cb

Daniel Blvmer (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 01:42:19 +0200

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Tano Fotang wrote:
> To subscribers of the xforms list from Tano Fotang <M.Tano@Wirtschaft.FH-Wolfenbuettel.DE> :
> Hello once again.
> I am trying to remove an fselector from the screen after 60 secs
> using a timer callback.
> I noticed that the timer stops counting as soon as the fselector
> is displayed. Or so i thoght. consequently, the fselector never gets
> timed out!
> any ideas? thx in adv.
How did you open the fs. Did you use a callback, or did you use the
result of an fl_do_forms??
In the second case, the timer is not able to proceed. Otherwise I
suggest to test if the form included the timer, is active.

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Daniel Bloemer

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