Re: XForms: fl_deactivate_form/fl_activate_object

Daniel Blvmer (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 12:00:55 +0200

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Lothar Esser wrote:
> have a form with a number of objects all of which I need to deactivate
> while a sub process is running but one. I do this by deactivating the form
> with fl_deactivate_form rather than going through the whole list of
> objects and calling fl_deactivate_object(). Then I would use
> fl_activate_object(button1) to activate the button I want to remain
> active. However it is not yet active - it takes another fl_hide_form() and
> fl_show_form() to activate it. Is there another way to achieve the same
> thing ?
> Is there some kind of refresh function for deactivated forms
> because on the other hand I can deactivate and reactivate and object and
> the effect is instantaneous. Now that I think about it, would
> fl_check_forms() do the trick ?
I would use another feature of the formslibrary:
I would bound all the objects to deactivate into a group of objects
(-->Xformsmanual). if you use fl_deactivate_object(.. on the group, it
will deactivate the group.
Deactivating the form deactivates the forms itself, and so on you can't
use a single object.

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