XForms: Problem with file selector

Ivan Powis (pczip@chemistry.nottingham.ac.uk)
Wed, 08 Oct 1997 15:45:30 BST

To subscribers of the xforms list from Ivan Powis <pczip@chemistry.nottingham.ac.uk> :

I have encountered a problem with file selector (0.87.3 on hp,
though I saw the same behaviour with 0.86).

When a user clicks on the Directory input to change directory they get
an input pop-up for the new directory name, which has an OK (return)
button. If the user quits this directory input by hitting the keyboard
return rather than clicking the ok button, then the READY button on
the File Selector main form has the visual appearance of having been
activated (depressed and Green) and everything hangs for several
seconds, after which the file selector returns to the caller.
(I just noticed that if the directory name is invalid an
ALERT pops up and now the DISMISS button appears already depressed
and everything again freezes for several seconds.)

My guess is that the Directory input form is somehow not clearing the
keyboard return from the input queue so that it gets seen by the next form
which gets focus. Clearly not desirable!


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