Re: XForms: fselector file name patterns

Steve Lamont (
Thu, 16 Oct 97 17:20:17 PDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> How do I (or is it possible to) set the pattern regexp of
> an fselector to specify, say, all files that end with a
> .xx or .yy extension? The c-shell like "*.{xx,yy}" doesn't
> do the trick...

I don't think it's possible directly since the file browser really
doesn't do regular expressions. About the best thing I can suggest is
to set your own file filter with fl_set_dirlist_filter() and concoct
your own regular expression handling using the regexp or regex
functions. It's a kluge but it should work:

fl_set_dirlist_filter( my_filter );
fl_show_fselector( "foo!", ".", "*", "" );


int my_filter( const char *filename, int type )


char *re_comp();
int re_exec();

re_comp( ".*\\.xx$" );
if ( re_exec( filename ) )
return 1;
re_comp( ".*\\.yy$" );
if ( re_exec( filename ) )
return 1;
return 0;


The limitations of this approach, I think, are pretty obvious.

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