Re: XForms: Few questions...

Tomi Yli-Nokari (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 22:07:42 +0300

To subscribers of the xforms list from Tomi Yli-Nokari <> :

Steve Lamont wrote:

> > 3. How can I use multiple colours in browser (like printing ANSI on
> > text-based applications)?
> The Browser Object has limited color modification on a per-line
> basis. If you want something more sophisticated you'll probably have
> to roll your own Free or custom Object.

Ok, could you tell, how can I set up object that allows ANSI (or other such
color system) codes to be used?Maybe also including this:

> > 4. How can I disable browser's left-right slide bar? Maybe should ask,
> > how can I cut lines after last word that fits to browser and enter words
> > after that to next line (and it should also look when comes last word
> > that fits, etc etc)...
> There are routines to turn off to the scroll bars. Refer to
> fl_set_browser_hscrollbar(). You can also use the
> fl_get_string_width() function to find out how long your text string
> will be and act accordingly.

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