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Mon, 20 Oct 1997 08:01:07 +0300

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Steve Lamont wrote:

> > Ok, could you tell, how can I set up object that allows ANSI (or other such
> > color system) codes to be used? ...
> What are the ANSI color system codes? I can't say I'm familiar with
> them. Are they documented somewhere?

I member most used codes and I have also ANSI-help on my OS/2-machine (OS/2's
help page). It tells this:

.... (lot of text removed here, almost same as VT codes that moves pointer (not
so important to my prog))....


Color is a decimal number that selects one of the functions specified below. You
can specify more than one function by separating the parameters with semicolons.

Color Description

Text attributes
0 No special attributes
1 High intensity
2 Low intensity
3 Italic
4 Underline
5 Blinking
6 Rapid blinking
7 Reverse video
8 Invisible (no display)

Foreground colors
30 Black foreground
31 Red foreground
32 Green foreground
33 Yellow foreground
34 Blue foreground
35 Magenta foreground
36 Cyan foreground
37 White foreground

Background colors
40 Black background
41 Red background
42 Greend background
43 Yellow background
44 Blue background
45 Magenta background
46 Cyan background
47 White background

Parameters 30 through 47 meet the International Standards Organization
(ISO) 6429 standard.

<.......... that's it..........>

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