XForms: Pixmap Buttons ...

Giorgos Petasis (petasis@estia.iit.nrcps.ariadne-t.gr)
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 12:18:39 +0200 (EET)

To subscribers of the xforms list from petasis@estia.iit.nrcps.ariadne-t.gr (Giorgos Petasis) :

> > This "strange" behavior (in my app, not xfmail) was happening under
> > Linux 2.0.30 with fvwm2, under AIX 4.2 (fvwm 1.x) and under sun OS 4.1.2
> > with tvtwm release 5 patch level 7. (The last one runs on a black and white
> > terminal). Xfmail presented the problem on the tvtwm (sun OS 4.1.2), on a
> > black-white terminal. I currently cannot test it on the other platforms.
> > It was compiled with forms 0.87.3...
> Are the other Visuals TrueColor or PseudoColor?
The Linux visual is 16-bit, and the AIX visual is 8-bit.

> Does XFMail exhibit the behavior only on the black-white terminal? Is
> the "black-white" terminal a one bit display with StaticGray Visual?

> What releases of X are you running?
The linux is XFree86 version 11, the Sun OS is MIT v 11. As far as the AIX
X server i am not so sure, i think is version 11 also.

About the description i made yesterday, about the redraw, i made a minor
mistake. What happens is that the pixmap doesn't redraw, but the botton
border is not redrawn as well ( i have said that the border does redraw
...). What is redrawn is only the square box of the button.
(If you don't understand, try looking:
http://www.edu.physics.uch.gr/~petasis/pix.gif )

I don't know if this will represent this malfunction, but try, in xfmail
the following:
while in main window, click to see a message. Move the message-viewer form
somewhere, that the button bars of both windows are visible. Click again on
the button that displays messages in the main window (not the one with the
message in it), and minimaze-maximaze the message window. After these moves
i have the redraw problem, almost always. I really don't know if xfmail has
the same reaction on other than the black-white display, and is something
that cannot test right now, as i am stack on that display...
If the problem doesn't appear, try to open / close randomly windows in
xfmail (help etc), and cause alot of minimize-maximize on the message

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