Re: XForms: colormaps and canvases

Jorgen Bjornstrup (
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 13:45:02 GMT

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Hi again,

>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen Langer <> writes:

>> First a question. Since you want to have identical colormaps in two
>> canvases in the same window, then why do you not just use the same
>> colormap for both canvases, i.e., by setting the colormap for the
>> window containing the canvases?

> I want to do just what you suggest, but it doesn't work. That's what
> prompted my original post. When I use the same colormap for both
> canvases, I get an X error when the form is freed ...

I do not want to be persistent, but according to your code example in
your first post, this is not what you are doing. You are explicitly
using the same colormap twice, once for each canvas. I am suggesting
that you set the colormap for the window containing both the canvases,
thereby implicitly setting the colormap of the canvases.


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