Re: XForms: True Colors and 16bpp!!!

Steve Lamont (
Fri, 24 Oct 97 09:00:02 PDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> screen #0:
> dimensions: 1280x1024 pixels (433x347 millimeters)
> resolution: 75x75 dots per inch
> depths (1): 16
> root window id: 0x26
> depth of root window: 16 planes
> number of colormaps: minimum 1, maximum 1
> default colormap: 0x23
> default number of colormap cells: 64
> preallocated pixels: black 0, white 65535
> options: backing-store YES, save-unders YES
> largest cursor: 1280x1024"
> It's possible to get 256 level gray?

It doesn't look like it.

Perhaps someone more familiar with PC implementations of X than I am
can be more helpful. I do recall seeing postings that indicate that
you can start up your server in different modes. You may want to
check your server documentation.

Was that all you got from xdpyinfo? Usually you get a list of
Visuals. You may have to use some command line parameter -- I'm
logged in remotely from a cruddy VT100 emulator and can't check easily
myself at the moment.

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