Re: XForms: Creating pixmaps

Steve Lamont (
Wed, 12 Nov 97 07:32:33 PST

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> I'm drawing to a canvas which is on one tab of a tabbed folder. I want to do
> draw the drawing in advance of the tab being selected so that it is displayed
> quickly. Unfortunately the X routine XCreatePixmap needs a valid window
> parameter and this precludes the pixmap being created before the window has
> been mapped. It's a sort of catch 22.

Not really. XForms provides a `trailblazer' Window which is
guaranteed to have the same Visual as the form. It is part of the
fl_state[] structure vector. You can point XCreatePixmap at it rather
than the Window.

You can create the Pixmap and then use XCopyArea() to BLT it to the
newly created Canvas Window.

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