XForms: Multiple Languages

Christian Pomar (ipycp@arrakis.es)
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 20:56:13 +0100

To subscribers of the xforms list from "Christian Pomar" <ipycp@arrakis.es> :

Hi all

I have a couple of questions about international applications.

1. I am writing a program that must be released in spanish, german and
english. I have RTFM and found nothing about this subject. I have decided
to create 3 different fd files, which generate three (or better 6)
different.h and .c files. All the magic is in the Makefile which chooses
the correct files by only setting a LANGUAGE=3D macro. For hardcoded stri=
I use another mechanism which has nothing to do with XForms. I found that
the only way to use fdesign for my dialogs in different languages without
turning myself nuts was to separate them (of course, all forms have the
same name, callbacks, etc). It works fine and I have 3 different
My question is: does somebody have a better way to do this? (using C, n=
C++). Thank you all.

2. About fdesign. As you know, spanish and german use a lot of compound
characters (=E1,=E0,=C4,=F6). I can not use this characters in fdesign. I=
s there
any fix for that? is it a fdesign problem or a (miss)configuration of my
SGI Irix 6.2 machine. Hardcoded strings with this characters show perfect=
well on forms. It's simply that I can not type them on a form (neither
forms or fdesign).=20

Thank you again.
Christian Pomar
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