XForms: Xforms 0.81 and Solaris 2.5

Jason Merritt (jason.merritt@hds.com)
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 13:03:17 -0000

To subscribers of the xforms list from "Jason Merritt" <jason.merritt@hds.com> :

I've recently moved from running Linux to Solaris 2.5

I'm trying to run my favourite tool, xwatch 2.10 but I am hitting an
annoying problem.

When I run xwatch in the CDE 1.2 environment, I get the error:-
In GetBrowserSize [browser.c 1790] not a browser

If I run xwatch in Openwindows then I get no problems with it.

All the demos from xforms 0.81 run fine under CDE so why not xwatch?

Any assistance greatly received!

Jason Merritt

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