Re: XForms: Xforms 0.81 and Solaris 2.5

Steve Lamont (
Wed, 3 Dec 97 05:58:13 PST

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> I've recently moved from running Linux to Solaris 2.5

My deepest sympathies. :-)

> When I run xwatch in the CDE 1.2 environment, I get the error:-
> In GetBrowserSize [browser.c 1790] not a browser
> If I run xwatch in Openwindows then I get no problems with it.
> All the demos from xforms 0.81 run fine under CDE so why not xwatch?

You don't mention which version of XForms you have installed or how
`xwatch' was built.

It is possible that `xwatch' was built to use shared libraries (spawn
of Satan) and there's a mismatch between the libraries upon which it
was built and the libraries which are installed under the environments
mentioned. There have been some API changes since 0.81 and it may be
that you're being bit by one (though, I must confess, I'd expect
something more drastic). The demos are probably built with static
libraries, so they aren't affected by the change in shared libraries.

Anyway, that'd be my first guess as to the problem.

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