XForms: how to shut off FL_ENTER, FL_LEAVE, and FL_MOTION events

Charles Buckheit (cbukheit@eagle1.eaglenet.com)
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 17:42:43 -0500

To subscribers of the xforms list from Charles Buckheit <cbukheit@eagle1.eaglenet.com> :


I'm writing some real-time data analysis displays which have critical time=
requirements that require the gui to have a minimum impact on things. I've=
noticed that things slow down a whole lot when moving the mouse around=
inside a xforms window. This stops then the mouse leaves the xforms window.=
I figure this has to do with handling the FL_ENTER, FL_LEAVE, FL_MOTION,=
and other mouse related events. Is there a way to mask the handling of=
these events out so as to only handle user-selected events, like FL_PUSH=
and FL_RELEASE? I would think this would cut down on processing overhead=
and allow the program to spend less time handling fl_do_forms() and more=
time handling and displaying datagrams :-)

VR, charlie

ps don't get me wrong...xforms is doing a killer job already...I'm just=
trying to squeak out a little bit more...

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