XForms: XForms on Windoze 95 ? / Commercial licensing

Richard Kent (rk@quadstone.com)
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 11:37:42 +0000

To subscribers of the xforms list from Richard Kent <rk@quadstone.com> :

WOW !!

Only just noticed the NT directory sitting in the XForms home directory (haven't
looked for a while) - can't wait to try it out :) Does anyone know if this will
run on Windoze 95 or do I need to be running NT4 (I have NT4 at work but only 95
at home). If it will run on both that would be excellent (and I'll immediately
start trying to persuade my company to switch from Motif/XDesigner - yuk !!).

On that topic what is required to start using XForms commercially (I presume
there is a commercial license fee) ?

Cheers for now,


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