XForms: modal goody hidden under raised form

Tristan Savatier (tristan@mpegtv.com)
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 14:13:03 -0800

To subscribers of the xforms list from Tristan Savatier <tristan@mpegtv.com> :

I think modal goodies like file selectors etc should always
stay above other forms. Right now it is not the case, and
I think that it is a bug.

I noticed that some forms in my application can come above
modal goodies, i.e. when I click on the form window title
the form is "raised" and get above all other windows, including
above a modal goody.

Some other forms do not let me raise them (which is,
I believe, the right behavior).

I think it may be dangerous to let some forms come above
modal goodies. It may be confusing to the user: the form
on top of the goody is inactive because of the modal goody,
and if the form above is not allowed to be moved, then the
user may not know what to do and think that the application
has hanged.

Comments ?


PS: using linux-x86 and xforms 0.88
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