Re: XForms: format character question

Steve Lamont (
Mon, 26 Jan 98 05:55:26 PST

# To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> i received the line line="@b@m@C23rd Actor: Hello"
> and it has to be displayed in a browser
> as "@b@m@C2From 3rd Actor: Hello".
> How does one seperate the format string from the
> real text? How do i know if the colour has 2 digits (C23)
> or just 1 (C1)?

See my previous post. Stick a bogus escape in, so that

"@b@m@C23rd Actor: Hello"


"@b@m@C2@z3rd Actor: Hello"

Then "3rd Actor: Hello" should appear in the browser as expected.

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