Re: XForms: command line options, and double clicks

T.C. Zhao (
Thu, 5 Feb 1998 00:40:25 -0600

# To subscribers of the xforms list from (T.C. Zhao) :

>It still doesn't
>explain why my -f option works with v0.81 but doesn't with v0.88.
Because -flversion is new in v0.88. (-xfversion will be removed
in next version).

> Since minimal abbreviations are accepted, wouldn't it be best if the
>application's list of options were merged with the built-in list before the
>options are processed? Instead of calling fl_initialize() followed by
>fl_get_app_resources(), you'd call fl_install_app_resources() followed by
This won't work as xforms needs an X connection to parse and generate
the resource database. This does not mean fl_initialize()
can't be improved.

>Accepting abbreviations
>for builtin options before even looking at the application options defeats
>this purpose.
I wish X resource management had options to disable abbreviation
or better yet, let the application to set a minimum number of
characters to even try to match. As it is, the easiest
solution is NOT to use single character command line options
for X programs
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