Re: XForms: command line options, and double clicks

Stephen Langer (
Thu, 5 Feb 1998 10:26:22 -0500

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Zhao) :
> > Since minimal abbreviations are accepted, wouldn't it be best if the
> >application's list of options were merged with the built-in list before
> >options are processed? Instead of calling fl_initialize() followed by
> >fl_get_app_resources(), you'd call fl_install_app_resources() followed by
> >fl_initialize().
> This won't work as xforms needs an X connection to parse and generate
> the resource database. This does not mean fl_initialize()
> can't be improved.

I'd have guessed that the XForms options would be listed in FL_CMD_OPT and
FL_resource arrays, just like the application options, so it would be
possible to merge the built-in and application arrays before passing them on
to the server.

> As it is, the easiest
> solution is NOT to use single character command line options
> for X programs

The trouble with that is that it's a headache :-). My program has to be
able to run both with and without an X connection. It checks to see if the
first option is -t, and if it is, it uses a text interface instead of XForms.
In that case it uses getopt to parse the options, and getopt only handles
single character options. I guess I'll have to write my own parser for
multicharacter options.


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