Re: XForms: Time outs???

T.C. Zhao (
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 00:19:03 -0600

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>As I set and reset timeouts the Timeout ID increments ...
>What happens when it reaches MAXINT (or whatever, the manual does
>not say).
>Does it roll over gracefully???

I just looked at the timeout code and it would seem
everything should work as expected even if the integer id
goes to negative and/or wraps around.

>Also, TC, if you set_slider_precision(ob,100) (in error, coz I meant
>"slider_step"), no complaints, but the program wil core dump (not
>surprisingly). Any chance of a "sanity check" here?
Definitely. The report string is a buffer of 32bytes and
should be protected.

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