XForms: Xforms as a plugin

Andy Bruss (abruss@anim.dreamworks.com)
Wed, 01 Apr 1998 13:34:00 -0800

# To subscribers of the xforms list from Andy Bruss <abruss@anim.dreamworks.com> :

I'd like to use the xforms library for plug-ins to several 3D packages.
The problem is that the 3D packages demand to be run most of the time
which causes problems with Xevent handling. I can set up handlers
within the 3D package to take care of the plugins Xevents, but I'm
having trouble making my Xforms windows a child to the 3D packages. Is
there a way to initialize the xforms library without creating the X
windows equivalent of a whole new application?

Andy Bruss                           
Software Development                 
Dreamworks Animation
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