Re: XForms: Xforms as a plugin

Steve Lamont (
Wed, 1 Apr 98 16:43:32 PST

# To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> Specially, I'd like a non-modal window to pop up in a 3D package and
> have the user be able to interact with both the xforms window and the 3D
> package at the same time. I'm already using fl_check_forms(); it seems
> to work ok if the cursor is in the 3D package's main window. I've added
> an Xevent handler through the package's API which simply calls
> fl_check_forms(), so things are as expected if the cursor in the in the
> 3D pkg.'s main window. ...

A bunch more questions:

Are you actually handling the events in the 3D app? Is the app
"eating" the events? Are you using XPutBackEvent() to stuff the event
back in the queue?

Does your app make a separate display connection? How is it actually
processing the events? With XNextEvent()?

Does the app separately process its own events? If so, how does it
discriminate between the events that it "owns" and those that XForms

> May initial thinking was that this problem was caused from not parenting
> the xforms window to the 3D application. Is this correct? ...

If you mean reparent in the sense of the XReparentWindow() call, then,
no, I don't think so.

Is the 3D app an X application, too? I suspect that what's happening
is that you have two event handlers contending for the same event

Exactly why XForms blocks when it has focus in its own window is hard
to determine. Perhaps when the 3D app loses focus it for some reason
suspends event handling, though I'm just speculating and I'd be hard
pressed to explain why.


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