XForms: fdesign failure on MI/X server

Gary Cowell (gary@mickley.demon.co.uk)
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 10:02:00 GMT

# To subscribers of the xforms list from gary@mickley.demon.co.uk (Gary Cowell (QI'HoS)) :

Im trying to run fdesign on the MI/X X server under Windows 95 and I
get the following error

X Error of failed request: BadLength (poly request too large or
internal Xlib length error)
Major opcode of failed request: 72 (X_PutImage)
Serial number of failed request: 153
Current serial number in output stream: 155

the forms apps that I have so far written when I was using XFree86
(fdesign worked on XFree86) seem to continue to work but Im a bit
stuck without fdesign.=20

Any ideas?
QI'HoS (Kirosh) KLI #H1026

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