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From: T.C. Zhao (
Date: Sat Mar 04 2000 - 09:04:35 EST

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    > 1 - I would like to display an fl_image in a pixmap, What 's the best
    > way to do this ?

    I think the great spl already anwsered this one. Considering
    the steps it takes to do this kind of conversion, maybe
    something like flimage_to_pixmap() is worth adding ?
    > 2 - I would like to create an fl_image from a pixmap...
    This already exists in the library, just not documented.
    flimage_from_pixmap(FL_IMAGE *im, Pixmap pixmap, int w, int h);
    im is a properly created FL_IMAGE. w,h are the dimension
    of the pixmap.
    Not well tested for all cases since it was written to perform
    specific internal tasks. Will consider making this public.
    > 3 - How can i display an animated gif (i tried with fl_image_display
    > &&
    > fl_image_sdisplay whithout success ...)

    As far as I can test, animated gif works fine using
    flimage_display() (checked with ibrowser/itest). Maybe
    there is something in your gif file the reader does not
    know how to handle. If it's possible, please send me the gif file.

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